Resurge Review 2022 Review – A Secret To Keep Your Body Fit


You may not know: When you lack sleep, burning fat and metabolism inside your body will be slower than usual, leading to weight gain compared to people who get enough sleep. Finding an ideal sleep aid is a top task for those with insomnia.

Regarding this, Resurge supplement provides many health benefits, deep sleep, and weight loss support through the perfect ingredient formula. If you are considering this product, scroll down to our detailed Resurge review below and see if the product meets all your requirements!

What Is Resurge?

Resurge is a health- and sleep-support product from the United States. Creators Lisa Etwell and John Barban studied the effects on users’ sleep quality and weight, successfully developing a supplement that is friendly to everyone, especially vegetarians, thanks to Its GMO-free natural ingredients.

John Barban, one of the creators, has been diagnosed with “hibernation syndrome”, which means he can’t get a good night’s sleep. Realizing the serious harm of this disease, he and other creators conducted research. They successfully created Resurge – a product that effectively promotes users to achieve deep sleep (REM sleep) safely and effectively.

The product’s production process has received GMP certification because it is always strictly guaranteed and sterile. Therefore, the product promises to be suitable for all types of users and will deliver unexpected results without any problems.

How Does Resurge Work?

Resurge supplements work by tapping into your body’s HGH or growth hormone levels. Besides, the product provides abundant minerals and vitamins that help relax the body, promoting sleep faster.

After you fall asleep, the product will help you quickly enter deep sleep, reduce brain activity and remove any residual stress after a tiring day at work. Once your body and mind are rested, your metabolic rate and natural healing abilities will gradually return to their ideal state.

For those in the weight loss phase, Resurge supplement will bring amazing results because of their superior fat-burning effect. This way, you’ll be able to maintain your ideal body shape without the need for rigorous therapies, steroid injections, diets, or changes to your favorite lifestyle.

But don’t think that just taking this product every day and going to bed will help you achieve your body goal easily. Besides using Resurge, you should maintain a daily exercise routine and healthy eating to achieve the best weight loss.

Product Ingredients

Resurge offers a list of ingredients derived from 100% natural sources, safe to use, and suitable for vegetarians.


The essential mineral zinc is often available in dietary supplements or supplements. Thanks to its important role in wound healing, DNA synthesis, protein synthesis, immune function support, and cell division, it is gradually becoming an indispensable ingredient for those aiming for a healthy diet.


L-theanine is an amino acid that is commonly found in some mushrooms and natural teas. Users can take advantage of L-theanine as a supplement to aid sleep, relax the body, and dispel mental stress. Thanks to this ingredient, the body will produce beneficial receptors such as dopamine, GABA, and serotonin.


Although essential to the human body, the amino acid L-lysine cannot self-produce naturally inside the body. It is an essential amino acid that your body cannot produce naturally.

By supplementing with L-Lysine through Resurge, you will block the receptors that respond to stress, helping you feel uplifted and relaxed.

Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract

An interesting study on 20 overweight women showed: 10 women who regularly ate Griffonia Simplicifolia seed had a much faster weight loss rate than the rest. Extract from this tree seed, besides promoting sleep, also suppresses appetite, facilitating weight loss more effectively.


Magnesium is important for energy production, blood pressure regulation, and maintaining strong bones. Recent surveys show that nearly half of the US consumes less than necessary magnesium.

If you lack this mineral, you will be at risk of metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, and dozens of cardiovascular-related pathogens.


L-arginine can provide a flexible metabolism, which supports the body in increasing protein building. You can find this naturally occurring amino acid in many clean foods around you, such as dairy products, poultry, fish, and red meat.

Supplementing with L-arginine helps prevent the risk of heart and blood diseases, improves immune response, and reduces the possibility of erectile dysfunction.


Extracts from this herbal plant have the main effect of reducing inflammation and soothing pain. In particular, scientists have discovered that the Ashwagandha root effectively reduces cortisol in the user’s body, which is the main cause of stress and anxiety.

Besides, it allows the body to maintain a state of deep sleep for a very long time without being startled or waking up suddenly.


Melatonin can help users fall asleep at an amazing speed and minimize insomnia symptoms. This special use makes it useful in more urgent situations, such as severe sleep disturbances, shifts in work schedules, or air travel.

When using Resurge products, you can be completely assured because no artificial fillers are involved in the Melatonin product, resulting in no side effects occurring during the use.


  • 100% natural, safe ingredients, no side effects
  • Stabilizes sleep, promotes users to fall into REM sleep quickly
  • Reduces brain activity, promotes the body’s natural healing process
  • Supports fat burning, boosts metabolism, aids weight loss
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • It is GMP-certified and has a special refund policy


  • Products appear more on online shopping sites
  • Effective use depends on each person’s daily exercise regimen

Final Verdict

Resurge supplements are a worthy companion to stick with if you suffer from sleep problems, anxiety, or weight control issues. Once the quality of sleep is guaranteed, you will be able to feel a positive change in your health, and your spirit is always at the ideal level.

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